Waterford Childcare

Welcome to the Waterford Childcare Centre! Located just outside the City Centre, we’re very close to the Industrial Estate and Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). Our friendly centre caters for kids of all ages – everyone from infants & toddlers up to those requiring after-school care.

The sights and sounds that await you will gladden your heart, where children and staff meet and greet you as you make your way to your child’s playroom meandering through colourful walkways past play rooms, sleep and rest rooms, office space, staff room, kitchen and laundry.

From our entrance hallway where many stop to fix the time on the clock on our indoor climbing frame, to swirling and twirling noisy wall mounted toys, the action of the day can be seen through the glass panelled playroom doors leading the eye through a myriad of activity—rest spaces, fill and pour spaces, make and do, match and pair and role play areas, music making and messy play—carrying your eye outwards to garden and play areas, with a climb-aboard-train, sand boxes, racing tracks, bikes, trikes, slides, gardening boxes, mud pie baking areas, football, basketball, throw-a-ball spaces!

Whether indoors or outdoors, in accordance with the Aistear Early Childhood Curriculum Framework, here in our centre children can…

Our journey ends at our kitchen—the hub for our great grub!  Our chef and kitchen staff feed us an array of home cooked meals, snacks and drinks throughout each day.  So whether weaning onto solids or looking for a hearty meal after a busy day at school we’ll have lots to whet your appetite ensuring nutritional needs for a broad spectrum of demands are met and where a life long healthy attitude to meal times is promoted.