Junior Babies

Junior Babies

Date: November 20, 2012 Author: Admin Categories: Playrooms

Junior Babies is the start of a super journey of meeting and greeting, exploring and recognising, making new friends and babbling, asserting ‘me’ and accommodating ‘you’, crawling and creeping and rolling and testing, sitting and sliding and sitting again! Tasting new things, dribbling and drooling, patiently waiting for teeth to come through, for hands to let go, stretching and reaching, throwing and rolling—each day is paced and measured with energy to play, time to sleep, chance to cuddle, opportunities to snuggle, visitors to see, bottles to hold, new foods to taste, new sounds to hear and time is flying and home time is near.

As well as their meals and naps, a typical week in Junior Babies involves these activities:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Welcome & children’s choice e.g. Mirror! Mirror! Welcome & children’s choice e.g. strike up the band Welcome & children’s choice e.g. pop up surprise Welcome & children’s choice e.g. rolly polly, bouncy balls Welcome & children’s choice e.g. banging blocks
Themed circle time e.g. Twinkle, twinkle… Themed circle time e.g. peek-a-boo Themed circle time e.g. faces that smile Themed circle time e.g. farm sounds Themed circle time e.g. lorry, bus beep! beep!
Small group time e.g. Filling and emptying baskets Small group time e.g. stirring and clanging Small group time e.g. fill that fist! Small group time e.g. “Hello big brother. What’s your news?” Small group time e.g. ball pool
Free play e.g. stacking cups Free play e.g. what rolls? Free play e.g. scattering sand Free play e.g. creep up the ramp Free play e.g. scramble and shuffle
Large group games e.g. a walk outside in our buggies Large group games e.g. blowing bubbles Large group games e.g. a crawl in the garden Large group games e.g. teddy bears picnic Large group games e.g. exploring entertainers
Wrap up e.g. Sleep tight bunny Wrap up e.g. action rhymes Wrap up e.g. Soft stuff! Wrap up e.g. rock-bye-baby Wrap up e.g. Swing high, swing low!